Custom Party Cakes

We love making custom cakes, because it means we get to play around with fantastic creations like these.

Boy's Custom Birthday CakeConstruction Birthday Cake

Whether you’re looking for something bright and colourful for a kid’s birthday party, something festive, or for a celebration.

Sometimes even grownups like to have bright, colourful birthday cakes. For the kids at the party, for nostalgia, or even just for a laugh.

40th Birthday CakeFestive Christmas Cake

We can make a cake that tastes great and suits whatever theme you have in mind.

We also have a range of standard party cakes on our menu, with our Dory Cake and Rainbow Cake two of the more popular treats we sell.

Rainbow CakeFinding Dory Cake

Just talk to us about what we can do for your party. The possibilities are endless.