The Goldsteins Legend

In the early 1900's, Julius Goldstein studied as an apprentice Konditor.

Julius lived with a master Konditor and was so dedicated to his trade that legend has it that he would sleep on barrels of dough and when the dough had risen enough it would tip him off the barrel and he would start preparing the dough for the hours of baking ahead.

Julius and his wife, Paula arrived in Australia in 1939 and after settling in Brisbane they opened their first Konditorei called 'The Busy Bee’ on Roma Street. Their European style of baking was an immediate success

Busy Bee Small Sepia

By the 1950’s the Gold Coast was booming and the Goldstein family went for a change and set up shop in Surfers Paradise.

We still have many customers who recall their 1960’s holidays to Surfers Paradise who was amazed at the little bakery just across from the beach. The Goldsteins brand is recognised Australia wide and we are proud to be a part of a community that sees our loyal customers return time and again – locals and holidaymakers alike.

Although our products have evolved over time, we still work by the same principles, providing great tasting food with the finest and freshest ingredients produced using time honoured methods of cooking and baking. We are now recognised as one of the best Pie makers in the country, with numerous awards to validate the claim and plenty of support from our devoted fans.

Goldsteins Bakery 1950

With a fantastic range of products and 70 years of successful baking and business operations, Goldsteins now operates from 12 locations.