When Martin Goldstein had a surf with his Mermaid Beach neighbour one sunny day in January he didn’t realise he’d be LED up the path to cutting-edge energy practices.

“We had a ‘board meeting’ I suppose you could say,” laughs Goldsteins Co-Director Martin Goldstein, grandson of Goldstein company founders Julius and Paula Goldstein.

His surfing buddy was Benjamin Kolle, co-founder and Managing Director of Propa! Solutions, a provider of cutting-edge energy efficiency solutions that specialises in lighting, energy and solar products.

Having already installed one of Australia’s largest roof-mounted grid-connected residential solar systems located on Hedges Avenue – the Gold Coast’s own ‘Millionaire’s Row’ – Mr Kolle and his business partner Benjamin Haffenden, explained how simple it was to assist the business chain.

“We had all the roof lighting replaced with LED lights in our store at Runaway Bay Shopping Village, and plan to have our two new stores fitted out with LED lighting in the roof and cake display cabinets,” says Mr Goldstein.

“It turns out it’s going to save us thousands of dollars over the long-run, plus it’s better for the environment.”

Mr Kolle says Propa! calculated the savings for the replacement of the 30 original 50W halogen bulbs with 30 new 6W LED lights, resulting in an impressive saving on electricity and cost for the Goldsteins.

“The savings are instant and just keep on building as time progresses,” says Mr Kolle.

“To being with, the LED lighting will last 30,000 hours instead of the old bulbs which had a life span of 3000 hours, therefore saving labour in changing them ten times less.

“But the biggest cost is of course the savings in cost per day from $3.80 to run the old bulbs to a minuscule 34 cents per day with the LED set-up, because LED lights use between 80 and 90 per cent less power than traditional lighting.

“Plus LED lighting starts instantly, can be dimmed and does not contain mercury like fluorescent lighting.

“We have predicted a savings for Goldsteins of $794.66 in the first 12 months alone just for that one store, building up to $1640.60 in the second year and increasing each year to a saving of $3,224.89 in ten years time.”

Mr Goldstein says “Businesses need to embrace what’s happening in terms of energy-saving and efficiency these days – it’s the only way to move forward”.

Julius and Paula Goldstein opened their first bakery in Roma Street, Brisbane, known as the ‘Busy Bee’, in 1944.

The pair opened the first Goldsteins Bakery in 1957 on the Gold Coast and the chain now has 12 stores throughout the Gold Coast.

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